First Course in the bag

Thanks for all the support!  We had the first CQG class last Saturday and it went well despite the snow and low temps.  The “Active Shooter” scenarios at the end were a highlight, very chaotic (on purpose in a good way) and all the students did great, engaging the threat(s) without hesitation. Huge improvements from the first scenario in the morning, it’s like this stress-inoculation stuff really works! 😉

I got lots of feedback to make the next one even better.  I’m expecting to add a separate class going over safety, stance, grip, trigger control, handgun manipulation etc. so the CQG course can stay focused on the fight (and anyone who already has prior defensive handgun training can skip it).  Stay tuned for the next course date to be finalized, looks like the 3rd or 4th week of April.

Tip: any time you train or practice, get in the mindset of it being “real.”  “Draw like you mean it” as my NRA LE instructor used to say, even if you are drawing the gun to administratively load or unload it, do it like it is for real.  That is one more “free” repetition.  Same with loading.  Every time I went outside the wire overseas, I got a good rep of a draw, emergency reload and a tac reload (as I swapped my mag in the gun that was down 1 rd from chambering for a full one.)