Close Quarter Gunfighting

Typical gunfights happen in distances measured in feet, not yards.  It can easily end up being a fistfight as much as a gunfight.  Traditional range training does not prepare you for this reality.

The Doru Training Group CQG course is a 1 day training class designed to prepare you to survive a real life violent encounter.  It uses the Simunition FX marking cartridge technology which is not typically available outside of military and law enforcement training circles.  This allows you to practice the skills you learn in a high stress force-on-force training environment.

Topics covered during the course:

  • Introduction to the realities of violence
  • Close quarter shooting techniques-retention and point shooting to 5 yards
  • Scanning (in a 360-degree environment) and movement
  • Striking-using bodyweight, anatomy, and gross motor skills to injure any attacker, no matter your size and strength
  • Integration of striking and shooting
  • Force-on-Force training scenarios with role players. Scenarios will include decision making, multiple threats, and active shooter situations

Prerequisites:  NONE  This course will be challenging (but accessible) for newer shooters as well as those with extensive prior training.  Must be free of criminal background and able to legally possess a firearm.

Prior defensive handgun training which covered safety, drawing from a holster, grip, stance, reloading, and malfunction drills will be a huge benefit.  If you do not have prior training it is strongly recommended you attend our Defensive Handgun Foundations course the evening prior to CQG ($20 savings when both courses are purchased).

Equipment Needed:  NO LIVE AMMO! Eye protection, wear comfortable pants with sturdy belt (needed to hold holster and magazine pouch) and shoes, long sleeve shirt (or sweatshirt) and gloves (shooting or light weight work gloves). Knee pads optional. Bring lunch or there is fast food available across the street from the training location.  Dress for the weather.  If you have a holsters and/or magazine pouches (carry gear) for the Glock 17/19 size guns you can use those with our Simunition converted Glocks.

We will provide all the necessary Simunition converted training weapons, ammunition, holsters and protective gear!

Customer testimonial from our first class:

I really enjoyed the training yesterday.  Best day of 2017 so far!

First the Staff

– Loved all of them.  Each of them really seemed dedicated to helping teach each of us.  They came across as sincere and authentic.  They all seemed to know my name and were concerned about all of our safety.   I’d definitely buy any of them a beer or two!

More feedback

– Wow a lot of training in a relative short time.  Good introduction to a lot of concepts. 

– You could easily break this down into two classes if you wanted

 – Would be great to have a follow-on class that is more on striking.  

 – Having the students play roles in the scenarios was great fun, and a great way to get a second look at things.  The restaurant scenarios were definitely Intense and fun.  It felt real, as far as I know.

– Very good focus on safety, I really appreciate that. 

 – I liked your used of videos to show real world situations.

Best regards, Steve K.  

Portland, OR

Reduced to introductory pricing!  Hurry, each class is limited to only 6 students.