Striking with Bodyweight

Whenever you strike, it is important that you get all of your weight into it. This makes strength a lot less of a factor. If you are targeting a vulnerable area of their anatomy and driving all of your weight through it, that gives you the best chance of causing an injury, even if you are a 120lb female.

I’m posting a short excerpt from a training course where I demonstrate this principle. The proper strike is at the very end of the clip (the initial one has more distance so they can see what I’m doing better). Note the starting and finishing positions of the dummy and myself (the other dummy :rofl: ). See how I finish standing where they were with my center of mass totally displacing them? All my weight was focused on the handgun muzzle and went into their throat. Devastating (and lethal) strike, no matter what you weigh or how strong you are.

Note:  If we are striking with the firearm (instead of shooting them), the gun is probably empty or has jammed.  It is faster to just strike them, then try and reload or clear the jam (while they are still attacking us).

Whenever I watch someone strike, I always take note of where their CG is in relation to a marker in the background to see if they truly step in and get a good weight transfer. 90%+ of the time, they lean in and maybe take a half step, but they do not drive in and get all of their weight in the strike.

This is how a much weaker person can realistically injure a much stronger attacker. Pit your body weight against something weak on them. Eyes, throat, groin, knees, ankles etc. and so on. Nobody can take a 135lb barbell thrown on their knee. So, they can’t take a proper weighted heel-stomp through the knee either by a 135lb person driving all the way through…same physics.

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